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Come On, Just Do It – Get The Thrill Of Your life – Drive The Most Powerful Sports Cars On The Planet

Exotics Racing


Come visit the Las Vegas Speedway, not far off of the Las Vegas Strip, and ride in some of the classiest and most powerful sports cars on the planet. Choose from Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Porsches and Audis.

Prior to climbing behind the wheel of the car of your choice, each guest will have one-on-one training with a professional driving instructor to ensure that everyone gets the very most out of their driving experience.

You’ll be given extensive specs on each of the many luxurious sports cars available, the better to help you make your choice

Located just 20 min from the Las Vegas Strip, Exotics Racing brings you the original supercar driving experience on an exclusive racetrack! With the largest choice of exotic cars, you’ll receive real time coaching from pro racing instructors as you push the limits lap after lap, with no speed limit!

Prior to driving on the track, drivers will attend a classroom briefing to learn the technical and safety aspects of driving on a racetrack. You’ll learn proper driving position, steering techniques, proper racing lines, braking and acceleration with powerful cars and much more.

After the classroom briefing guests will be driven around the track by a Lead Racing Instructor for a Discovery Lap in a Porsche Cayenne GTS. This will help you get familiar with the track layout and become better prepared for your driving experience.

After the Discovery Lap you’ll meet your personal racing instructor who will sit in the passenger seat during your driving experience. The racing instructor ensures that you take full advantage of these powerful exotics while helping to keep you safe.

Exotics Racing – Experience of a Lifetime

Video: Exotics Racing


[Photo Credits: Photo and Video Exotics Racing inserted by credits embedded]
[Photo Credits: Lamborghini – By William Hoiles from Summit, NJ, USA – Yellow Gallardo, CC BY 2.0, Link  


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